12-PACK: Acu-Vane Arrow Fletches

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The Acu-Vanes have a patented wedge shaped air foil on the rear edge of the vane. The air foil is engineered to spin the arrow about five times faster, and also center the back of the arrow as it is shot. The air foil will stabilize your arrow quicker, resulting in greater accuracy. Acu-Vanes are made of a tough, high tech, ridgid, impact resistant plastic. Fletch with just a snap: simply glue the Acu-Vane insert in the shaft, then push Acu-Vane on the insert until it snaps. If vane is damaged, or if you want to change the vane color: simply pull off acu-vane, and snap another Acu-Vane on insert.

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Inserts available for Gold tip and ICS arrows (specify arrow)/li>
Acu-vane, vanes size is 1-1/2” long (without nock)
Sold 12 per pack, specify color; Flo-White, Flo-Orange, Flo-Yellow or Flo-Green. Other colors by special order
US patent

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Green, Orange, White, Yellow