3 PACK: 100 Grain Double Whammy Broadheads


Designed to Take African and Large North American Big Game. Most Accurate Fixed Blade Broadhead of Similar Size!

Why does the double, and triple whammy broadheads shoot more accurate than other fixed-blade broadheads of similar cutting area?

Answer: When you shoot the broadhead the oncoming air flow is dispersed away from the following larger rear blades by the engineered bevel on the ferrules front tip: this greatly reduces erratic arrow flight, and improves accuracy.

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100 grain

  • Shoots similar to a field tip
  • Large cutting area of 1-5/8”

Double and Triple Whammy Broadheads

  • Cut on contact for deeper penetration
  • Large blade cutting area. Tip blades 1/2” wide (Main blades 1-1/8” wide)
  • Cuts large holes, and leave large blood trails
  • Hardened stainless steel blades are .040 thick, much thicker and stronger than most broadhead blades
  • Ferrules are 7075 high tensile strength aluminum, stronger than standard ferrules
  • Built to penetrate rib and shoulder bones
  • Replacement blades available