3D Field Master Sight Bracket w/ Luma-dot Red Dot Sight

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INCLUDES LUMA-DOT RED DOT SIGHT 3-D Field Master sight bracket with red dot sight is the best sighting system available for shooting in low light conditions, and will give you the most accuracy. This system will give you the best feedback on what you’re shooting form is doing before you take the shot. If you torque your bow the red dot in the sight will move right or left, allowing you to correct your form before taking the shot. You will not see bow torque with pin and peep sight system. The bracket is engineered to move sight in an arc as you change yardage; you will not need to change your anchor position to see the sight.

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  • Thumb knob for quick yardage adjustment
  • Adjustment possible out to 100 yards
  • Adaptable to a variety of scopes, and red dot sights
  • US Patent