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In the last few years hunting binocular harness systems have taken the hunting world by storm it seems.  While having fast and easy access to your binoculars is important, it also exposes them to the elements.  They get beat up as you crawl and scramble around chasing game.  Lenses can get scratched, chipped or even broken.  Dust and dirt get into all the cracks and crevices and gum up the focusing system.  Lenses that are covered in water, fog or even pine needles don’t do you any good either.

Our Bino Cover solves these issues by keeping expensive hunting binoculars safe, clean and dry while also allowing quick access. It easily attaches to your harnesses or regular bino straps.  Clip it onto the left or right strap to for left or right handed hunters.  Our shock-corded adjustable tension system allows the cover to securely protect your binos, while just a tug quickly and silently slides the cover off to view game.  The front pouch and zippered pocket also come in extremely handy for keeping a call or diaphragm handy.

The binocular cover is designed to fit almost all 10×42 models.  It will also adjust down small enough to fit most 8x32s and it is just big enough for some of the smaller 10×50 (ie roof prism) models.

Dimensions: 6”Wx7.5×3”D

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  • Clips on to nearly any Bino harness system (not included)
  • Waterproof
  • Quick Access to Binoculars left or right handed
  • Shock Cord stretches to fit most binoculars
  • 2 pockets for calls, lens pens, score cards etc

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Realtree Max-1, Realtree AP, ASAT, True Timber Snow


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